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I'm a journalism student named Maddie. Mostly posting Pacific Rim stuff at the moment, along with other various fandoms. You can find my fic on Ao3 under the same username.






Too late. I already bought him a new video game and a pony. His bed time is never.



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i must learn to draw faster


i must learn to draw faster

irishsparkleparty said: i follow you because you're a really great friend and I can talk to you whenever i need to vent or exchange silly headcanons or when I need some cheering up and talking to you is a great highlight of my day. I love youuu <333

I LOVE YOU TOO, the same to you, friend *hugs, loving hand pap* <333



Baron Vaughn (x)

I’m in love. #letmeworshipyou 



during the Game of Thrones talk at Collectormania on Sunday, Burn Gorman just burst through the stage door and shoved a whole banana in his mouth and ran off again.  hahahahahaha.  omg.

the GOT cast were all like ‘what the fuck just happened?’

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Anonymous said: Do you know why I keep seeing comics where Newton is drawn as really chubby? I think he's skinny, and I am just not understanding where these chubby drawings are coming from??

I’ve actually thought about this! One reason is that Charlie Day once talked about Guillermo del Toro buying him donuts/beer/etc. and fan theory is that he was feeding him up because he wanted Newt’s character to be a bit chubby. Also, Charlie Day in general (particularly in It’s Always Sunny) has a bit of a tummy. You can kind of see it in the movie (notice how his tight pants make his stomach a bit more prominent in this BTS cap):


But I think you’re right in that the fandom sometimes exaggerates it. Really, the main reason a lot of people write/draw/headcanon Newt with a larger tum is just ‘cause they enjoy it. Our screens are filled to the brim with skinny people and/or beefcakes, so it feels pretty nice to have a protagonist who does have a bit of a tummy (or, is easily headcanonable as having a bit of a tummy, as Day’s baggy shirt in the movie does prevent us from seeing the full glory of his tum). Plus, whole new doors are opened by exaggerating Newt’s stomach: tummy rubs! tummy kisses! Hermann admiring the tum! The list goes on! It’s a glorious thing this fandom has done.

Tl;dr: Fandom exaggerates it because we like to!


when you’re so thirsty for new fic of your OTP that you can physically feel your standards dropping

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New PR Stand-Alone Fic: Recover


Title: Recover

Pairing/Characters: Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb; Tendo, Herc, Mako, Raleigh, Max, OCs

Rating: NC-17 [NSFW]

Word Count: 6,340

Notes: Around six months ago, during a conversation with bowlingforgerbils, I tossed around the idea that has essentially become this story. However, I deferred it because Parallax / Perihelion called for an opening scene in the same physical setting as the opening of this piece, and I wanted to space them out sufficiently that by the time I got back to this one, I’d be looking at a medical context with fresh eyes. There’s no injury in this story more serious than you see them sustain in the film, although I would say it’s taking a look at the more literal cut-scrape-and-bruise variety alongside the hesitation of how to break new-relationship ice without fucking up. This is a stand-alone, although you’ll notice that the backstories I established for each of them in Anthology very much apply here (as you can assume they do for all N/H fic I’ve written or may yet write).

Summary: You’re my new favorite blanket.  Come inside?

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chafffer said: You had a thing that was like "gimme a story or why you follow me or whatever" so, I just wanted to say hi, my name's Maddie also and I thought I'd be over Noob and He-Man by now, but here we are 1 year+ later. Anyways I think you're really cool, so yep I guess that's it

Another Maddie! :D

God, I know right? 9ish months ago I saw some gifs of two scientists that people shipped and thought “sure, let’s give that movie a go, it looks pretty okay!” Ahahahaha. Ahaha. ahhh. I was so young then. So naive. Glad to be here though, best ship I’ve had…pretty much ever I think <3

Thank you!